Facebook is the Antichrist

Your Life is His…the Facebook

He will not believe in any god at all – Daniel 11:37

Zuckerberg, despite being raised Jewish, is strictly atheist.


2 comments on “He will not believe in any god at all – Daniel 11:37

  1. Eli
    May 26, 2017

    This is false data on your site. Zuckerberg isn’t atheist.


    The atheist/theist divide isn’t as wide as you think!

    As long as WW3 hasn’t yet come, technology will continue evolving as it always has. And if an evil regressive form of the Internet comes first, it will eventually be destroyed in a revolution and replaced with a new Internet that serves humanity and a brighter future for all.

  2. The Social Preacher
    May 26, 2017

    It is true that MZ has now claimed himself to be religious rather than the atheist he has proclaimed himself to be up until 2017. This must be done in order to establish his own church as referenced elsewhere on this site. No man can create a church against God without first establishing that some higher power must exist. This will be revealed to be the grasp that Facebook has on the lives of every soul that remains chained to it’s breast.

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